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From minor fixes to extreme makeovers, we supply experienced, professional, considerate, and efficient PC help at your site or free pickup and delivery. We cover the Boston Metro West area (based in Acton) Sorry, we do not support Apple products.

  • General troubleshooting and problem fixes
  • Popup / Adware / Spyware / Virus cleanup
  • Installation / Configuration / Upgrades
  • Networking installation, configuration, and maintenance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Set up and teach ongoing tasks (backup, virus scan updates, …)
  • Training and coaching in all aspects of computers
  • And more …
Doctor fixing a computer

Reasonable and flexible rates. Discounts for service contracts.


(978) 263-8713
(617) 947-4719 (cell)

Our philosophy

"Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it isn't your fault."

Walter Mossberg
"Personal Technology" columnist
The Wall Street Journal

We can help.

The services we supply should not be necessary. It should not be this hard to use computers. Experts should not be required except in unusual cases.

Smashing the Computer

But the world is not as it should be. You're not stupid; but, if you are like 99% of the people in this world, you have problems with your PC (or things you want to do with it) and you can't handle them on your own. Maybe it crashes and you don't know why; maybe pop-up ads fill the screen while you surf the Web and you can't get rid of them; maybe you want to install or upgrade new programs and don't know how; maybe you've heard of something that sounds like fun but you don't know how to get started; maybe you have any of a host of other common problems. There should be a way for you to do this without being an expert. You have other interests and things to do with your time.

We are interested in setting up and fixing and tuning computers, and we know how to solve these problems. We are professionals and we treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve. We solve your problems … and we hope we can help you enjoy using your computer instead of cursing it.

What sorts of things do we do?

Who can count the problems or questions people have with PCs? But there are many common ones.

General Troubleshooting and Problem Fixes

Popup/Adware/Spyware/Virus Cleanup

It's all to easy for malicious programs to install themselves on your PC, or for seemingly useful programs to have side effects they didn't mention. If your PC seems to be reacting sluggishly, or it crashes, or data seems to have disappeared, or too many pop-up ads appear as you surf the Web, or you have toolbars showing in your Web browser that you didn't ask for, you may be infected with malevolent programs. We can clean your system and help you prevent future infestation

Virus and Computer


Hardware and software can get complicated. How do you choose what you want? Do you need something new or just a new version of what you have? How do you get it into your computer? How do you configure it so it works smoothly and efficiently with the rest of your system? We can answer all these questions, and perform the work for you. From setting up a new system to the smallest tweak or tune-up; adding memory, storage, CD or DVD players or burners; installing or just configuring software – we're here for you.

Networking Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance

Networking is part of installation, configuring and upgrades, but it's important enough to discuss on its own. Do you have appropriate firewall, antivirus, and antispyware programs installed and running properly? Want to share one printer between multiple computers? Want to transfer data between computers in your home, or store all your data in one place? Is your existing network secure? We will answer these questions. Wired or wireless network hardware installation and configuration, Internet access configuration and troubleshooting, home network software setup, and more – we can do it all.

Disaster Recovery

Computer Explosion

You turned on your computer and all you see is some incomprehensible message on a black screen. Or you don't even see that – nothing at all happens. Or your computer starts but your data is gone! Well, maybe your data isn't gone, and usually your computer can be revived – give us a call!

Training and Coaching

We'll train groups or coach individuals in all aspects of computers and computer usage. We have special expertise in Microsoft Office applications and AutoCAD, but we can cover just about anything you need or want. From a formal course with a large manual to just answering a few nagging questions, we'll help you out.

Ongoing Tasks

You really should back up your data. Probably, you already know that you really should back up your data … but you probably don't back up your data. And do you know how to defragment your disk, and why you should? Often you can do the right thing without spending any money. We'll help you set up and understand a system that is appropriate for you.

And More …


Where do we do it?

We are located in Acton, near the old town center. We usually perform our work at your site, but if you prefer (or if it can't be done at your site) we offer free pickup and delivery in Acton and surrounding towns, and fast turnaround.


PC Help
144 Nagog Hill Road
Acton, MA 01720-3217

(978) 263-8713      (617) 947-4719 (cell)      (978) 263-0908 FAX

email   PCHelp@Fleming-Group.com

Current Virus Information

Current virus information will be displayed only if JavaScript is enabled. Exclamation points indicate medium-priority or high-priority alerts.

Do you think your computer is infected with a virus? The "Free Virus Scan" link above may help, or Mcafee Stinger is free and is a good tool for fixing computers affected by common viruses. (If your operating system is Windows ME or WIndows XP, read the instructions at the linked page and follow the instructions for disabling System Restore).

Do you think you may have adware or spyware? Do you see toolbars in Internet Explorer that you don't want? Do you see hordes of popup windows when surfing the Web? Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware Standard Edition are free tools for detecting and removing spyware and adware. It is best to run both; each picks up some things that the other doesn't. But either one will get rid of 99.9% of spyware and adware.

Speaking of unwanted popup windows in Internet Explorer, the free Google Toolbar will get rid of almost all of them, and put a powerful search tool at your fingertips. If you use Mozilla or Netscape (version 6.0 or higher) to surf the Web, you cannot have the Google toolbar; but the Googlebar gives you the search function without blocking popups.

Want to check how your computer looks to people trying to break in? Gibson Research's Shields Up! is a free online tester, with lots of useful information about Internet security. No tester covers all possibilities, but this is a good one.

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